After spending years in the restaurant industry, I wanted a change in pace, and Michele eagerly welcomed me to her firm. Making people happy is a passion, but helping people better their lives is life-changing. As a restaurant service manager, I saw my fair share of employees get hurt on the job. Then get manipulated or harassed by the system forcing them to think that their injury was not a big deal. I enjoy now being an advocate for them and helping them to help themselves.

I received my business degree from Winthrop University. I’ve worked in many cities including, Charlotte, Phoenix, Athens, and Myrtle Beach. Now, the firms have accommodated to allow me to work remotely from South Carolina. I am beyond blessed with two children, Joshua and Olivia. Who both grace me with more knowledge and love I could ever imagine. Nothing better, than a hot summer day, feeling the sun on my back and sand beneath my toes.