If you’ve been injured in an accident at your place of employment, you may already know to file a work related injury claim, but complications often arise in the small print and details of dealing with Workers Compensation in Virginia.

1. File an accident report with your supervisor immediately. After you’ve received medical attention, the very first priority in your mind should be to notify your employer that there was an accident and an injury. Although you legally have up to 90 days to file the accident report, the sooner the better, and if you miss the deadline, you have no claim to Workers’ Compensation in Virginia.

2. Your employer should file a First Report of Injury within 7 days after the accident. If your employer fails to file this paperwork, contact a Workers’ Compensation attorney.

3. Follow all of your doctor’s instructions to the letter. Failure to do so will be used against you by your employer and/or the workers’ compensation insurance adjuster.

4. You’re entitled to treatment, medication and travel expenses to and from your medical appointments. If your employer doesn’t cover these expenses or refuses to do so, contact a Workers’ Compensation attorney immediately.

Remember, if you’ve been injured, you have rights through a work related injury claim that are enforced under the law. Contact an attorney who has handled Workers’ Comp in Virginia to learn more about that you can do to fortify your Workers’ Compensation case.

Contact an Attorney about Your Work Related Injury Claim

When you have difficulties with filing a Workers’ Compensation claim, a Virginia work comp attorney can bear some of the burden. To get back on your feet, whether it means getting back to work or receiving the benefits you deserve, order a copy of our free book, the Ultimate Guide to Workers’ Compensation in Virginia, and contact a workers’ comp attorney at the Injured Workers Law Firm for a no-cost consultation – 1-877-755-7744 or 1-804-755-7755.