Failing to report and to file your claim may be devastating

Even if it’s a minor claim you need to report it, simply because most serious injuries related to the neck, back, shoulders and knees seem minor and then they turn out to be more severe.  With these types of permanent nerve damage, you may never return to your former physical abilities. Clearly, if you’re in a serious auto accident you’re not going to have an issue but it’s the more subtle injuries that can be the most overlooked.  The second part is failure to file a claim.  Again, just because they’re making voluntary payments does not mean that they will continue to do so.  They will only do so for two years unless you file the claim for benefits.  I’ve had many people come to me after the two year statute of limitations has run and they have been devastated to find out that they thought the insurance adjusters were helping them when, in fact, they were just biding their time to be able to cut off benefits.  It’s much cheaper for them to pay lost wages for two years than it is for them to pay lost wages for nine and a half years and medical benefits for life.


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