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The 3rd Thing to do After a Work Injury – Google Yourself

Google yourself!  That’s right, after a work injury Google your name and see what you can find about yourself online.  What you find is the same information the workers’ compensation insurance carrier and employer will see about you. I can guarantee you the insurance carrier will do this. It is probably malpractice for the workers’ compensation insurance’s attorney not to do a Google search of your Google Yourself After a Work Injuryname!  They will probably do this several times throughout the course of your case, regardless of the status. For your social media websites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and so on) put your settings on the highest privacy settings available.  Ideally, you should stop all social media and ask family and friends to not post about you. Never accept friend requests from people you do not know. Be aware where photos of you have been tagged on other sites. For example, you could be tagged on a restaurant’s Facebook page. Be prepared to address what is posted online, either by you or about you.  Unfriend your employer and co-workers and don’t talk about the work injury, about your job, your employer or your workers’ compensation claim.

Avoid posting about vacations, travel, entertainment, concerts, parties, physical activity to include sports, working other jobs, large purchases or that you will be moving.

PS:  If you’ve read through my website, you should also know the 1st thing to do is to report your injury to your employer and the 2nd thing to do is get medical care!

Michele Lewane, Esq.

Injured Workers’ Law Firm

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