AIG claims “illegal conspiracy” by rivals

AIG Says Liberty Mutual, Hartford Shortchanged Worker Pools.

In a complaint filed last week in the Federal Court in Chicago (National Workers Compensation Reinsurance Pool v. American International Group Inc., 1:07C-2898, U.S. District Court, Northern District of Illinois), American International Group, Inc, aka AIG, claims its rivals Liberty Mutual and Hartford, among others, did not pay enough to industry-funded pools that cover workers compensation injuries.

Most states require companies that sell work comp insurance to fund a pool to help cover workers that work in especially dangerous jobs where the employers have trouble getting insurance in the open market.

In 2007, AIG got accused of not paying their share by its competition and now AIG is accusing the competition of doing the same thing.

All in all a very confusing situation and a good example of the way these insurance companies operate. They are really good at taking in premiums and stingy when it comes to taking care of injured workers. I wouldn’t be surprised if all of these insurance companies are not paying their share.

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