Appointment with the nurse case manager

They leave an appointment with the nurse case manager still there with the doctor, and get a call the next day from ther employer saying they are fired because they didn’t show up for work and that the doctor had released them to full duty.  The nurse case manager got the doctor to “adjust” the work restrictions, gave it to the employer, and “forgot” to inform the injured worker.  Don’t forget, the nurse case manager is working for the insurance company. Following are tips to help you deal with your nurse case manager.

Always insist upon a private examination by your doctor outside the presence of the nurse case manager.  You have the right to a private examination with your physician.  This will give you an opportunity to discuss your medical issues privately with your doctor. If the nurse case manager walks into the room, you simply ask the doctor if there could be some privacy during your meeting with him and, hopefully, that will do the trick and he will ask the nurse case manager to leave and come back at the end of the appointment.  A second part of this is to try to avoid having the nurse case manager talking privately with your physician by staying present until the end of the appointment.  If the nurse case manager asks to speak to the doctor privately, you ask to join in that conversation.


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