Combining Networking and Retraining Can Help Injured Employees Maximize Benefits under Virginia Workers’ Compensation

If you have suffered a career-ending injury at work, you are not alone. While such an injury may be a setback, it doesn’t have to take you out of the workforce forever. Retraining and networking are two of the most useful resources for people looking to make a career change. Under Virginia Workers’ Compensation, you are entitled to networking and retraining programs, tools that will assist you in assessing career opportunities. 

Through networking, you can renew old acquaintances and establish new friendships. Such relationships can expose you to job leads you may have otherwise missed out on. When you are looking for employment, an estimated 80% of your job search time is spent networking. To increase your chances of finding the job that’s right for you, look for networking opportunities with past and present contacts both personally and professionally. 

Successful Networking Tips

  • Join professional organizations and associations.
  • Become a member of networking clubs.
  • Volunteer with your favorite charity.
  • Attend a high school reunion or other alumni functions.
  • Join a collegiate alumni group;
  • Attend a professional development class and introduce yourself to potential employers.

If in spite of your best efforts at networking, the job interviews aren’t materializing, it may be time to consult a Workers’ Compensation attorney to reevaluate your Workers’ Compensation benefits, including your retraining program and other related vocational rehabilitation services.

Contact a Richmond Workers’ Compensation Attorney

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