Are You Getting the Cost of Living Adjustment?

The Injured Workers’ Law Firm, explains that claimants should be getting a cost of living adjustment each year as part of your compensation for a job related injury or work related accident.
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Anougther question I ask people is are you getting your cola, and people go, what is cola?

Cola is Cost of Living Adjustment, and if you’re not on social security, disability, you are supposed to be getting a cost of living adjustment every year from the insurance adjuster.

So, are you being treated fairly by your insurance adjuster, the question is have you gotten cost of living adjustment yet.

I’ve gotten $13,000 – $20,000 dollars in past cost of living adjustment benefit to my clients and many times in the thousands. What cost of living adjustment is, is each year on October 1st, your weekly check will go up maybe $5 – $10 , okay, so over a year that might be $1000. But then the next year instead of going up $5-$10, it gets added on to that so that you would get another maybe $20-$25 a week than what you were originally receiving and that goes on year after year. And because of this compounding, it can add up to a significant number over time. So, if you want to know if yer insurance adjuster is treating you fairly, the real question is are you getting your cost of living increase.

If you are not, then they’re lying to you by omission on this issue, there may be many other important things they’re not telling you that you are entitled to.

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