Employed in Virginia? 5 Types of Diseases or Illnesses You Could Get

Occupational diseases are medical conditions that stem from your job. You will want to work with a Virginia workplace injury attorney who has knowledge of Workers’ Compensation. The physicians your employer utilizes may be used in a way to benefit your employer rather than you, which is why seeking legal counsel is in your best interest.

Many people are unaware that if they develop an illness while on the job they may be able to make a claim against their employer for causing it. 

5 Types of Diseases or Illnesses Developed at Work in Virginia 

To better understand what qualifies as occupational diseases, below is a common listing of serious health conditions that may be eligible for a claim: 

  • cardiovascular;
  • cancer;
  • asthma; and
  • other respiratory conditions. 

Proving that the environment in your work situation was the cause of your disease or illness can be a challenge in a claim for Workers’ Compensation. Physicians’ records may indicate that your condition was pre-existing. If so, then you wouldn’t qualify to receive Workers Compensation benefits.

Unlike an injury that is caused by your work, occupational disease can be more difficult to prove. You should seek help from a Virginia workplace injury attorney if you have suffered a disease or illness because of your job. You may be entitled to Workers’ Compensation benefits.

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