Employer must provide an Interpreter for comp claimant

This HAS BEEN an unbearable tragedy for so many of my Spanish, Bosnian, Portugues speaking clients. The Doctor’s write some thing down that is not accurate and they loose their case on a technicality. A client said I hit my column(meaning his spine) and the Doctor wrote that he hit his back on a column. A client said I want a guarantee on the outcome of surgery(meaning he wanted assurances it is the best thing to do) and a Dr. wrote that client refused surgery because the Doctor refused to guarantee the outcome.

Michele Lewane,Attorney with Injured Workers’ Law Firm, Richmond, VA.

By Peter Vieth
Published: January 27, 2010

Tags: Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission, Workers’ Comp

Employers could be required to provide language translators when necessary for injured workers to receive needed medical care under a recent opinion from the Workers’ Compensation Commission. In an issue of apparent first impression, the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission has ordered an employer to provide a Spanish language interpreter to facilitate a claimant’s medical treatment. The opinion


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