Can I settle my workers’ compensation claim?

A: Yes, workers’ compensation cases can be settled in Virginia. However, settlement is voluntary, which means it requires the agreement of both sides to settle and both sides must agree on the amount of the settlement.

The benefits usually included in a workers’ compensation settlement are:  potential future wage loss, potential permanent impairment, and potential future medical treatment. If you are settling your workers’ compensation claim before you have obtained an Award Order, sometimes past wage loss and medical costs already incurred will be included.

Unfortunately, a workers’ compensation settlement will never include any money for pain and suffering, no matter how hard the case has been on you and your family, what you have lost as a result of your injury(ies), or how badly the employer  or workers’ compensation insurance carrier treated you after your injury(ies). There is no pain and suffering payable in workers’ compensation in Virginia. We can answer your questions and can evaluate your case if you are considering this option.


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