I was hurt at work, how can my claim be denied?

A: There are many reasons that your claim may be denied. Virginia is referred to as a “specific risk” state, meaning that your injury must be the result of a specific accidental injury due to specific aspect of your employment. Injuries that could have “just as likely” happened outside of work, such as falling on stairs or repetitive injuries may be denied. It has to be a specific identifiable injury at a definite specific time. There are other reasons a claim may be denied – it may be due to lack of medical documentation, because of a repetitive injury, no physical injury (such as a robbery, wherein you may have been severely frightened but not physically injured), being a pre-existing injury, or due to a safety rule violation. If you should be doing job search and are not, benefits can be denied.

In all of the above scenarios, you will likely need a consultation with us to prepare your case for Hearing before the insurance carrier will consider taking any additional action.


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