Are you joking, workers’ compensation gets my money from my auto accident claim?

A: If workers’ compensation insurance has paid any benefits to you or on your behalf that are included in the auto accident claim, then the workers’ compensation insurance carrier not only has a lien against any money you get from the auto accident case but you MUST get the workers’ compensation insurance carrier’s permission before you can settle that auto accident case. If you do not get the workers’ compensation carrier’s permission, you will forfeit any future benefits of any kind for the work accident under the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act. If you do not reimburse the workers’ compensation carrier for the lien they have on your auto accident, the workers’ compensation insurance carrier can sue you personally in Circuit Court to recover the money.

You should consult with us to determine how to proceed in order to avoid potentially forfeiting workers’ compensation benefits that may be due, as well as how to maximize the amount you receive from both claims.


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