How much do I get paid and for how long?

A: How much you will get paid and for how long depends on many factors. You get 2/3rds your pre-injury average weekly gross wages. The total lost wage benefits paid, with only a few exceptions, are limited to a total of 500 weeks. This includes any temporary total disability benefits for full days out of work, temporary partial disability benefits for partial wage loss or partial days lost from work, and any permanent partial disability benefits for a loss of use of any extremities. However, you are not guaranteed all of the 500 weeks of compensation. If you do not lose time from work in the first two years, you will usually not be entitled to any wage loss benefits. If you are not under an award and you can work in some capacity but the employer does not have any work for you, you have to look for work.  If you are not looking for work, you may not get any benefits. If you are under an award and are put in vocational rehabilitation to find a job and do not cooperate, your benefits may be cut off. If you return to work with work restrictions making as much as you made before your work injury, then you have to miss time from work again within two years of the date you returned to work making as much as you made before your work injury or you may lose your entitlement to any benefits in the future. In some cases, when you have missed time from work, you have to request additional benefits within 90 days of the missed time from work in order to receive the benefits you have requested.

Workers’ compensation in Virginia is very complicated and there are many pitfalls that can affect your entitlement to benefits.


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