Filing a Virginia Work Comp Claim Can Help with Life after Amputation

Losing a limb can change your life completely. You will need to adapt and accept a new way of living, which can be difficult. You may begin to feel depressed and overwhelmed after an amputation. Check out these tips that may help you start to feel like yourself again.  

  • Keep a positive outlook – focus on the things you can still do instead of what you can no longer do. Do activities you enjoy and spend time with positive people.
  • Accept your limitations – accept help from others and learn how to do things on your own slowly. Know when to ask for help and don’t be ashamed to do so.
  • Make it easy on yourself – make modifications to your home and/or office to accommodate your new lifestyle such as wheelchair ramps. Use aids like a wheelchair, walker or prosthetics if needed.
  • Find support – a work comp claim will likely cover visits to a professional therapist. Joining a support group may also help. 

If you were injured at work and it resulted in an amputation, you may want to consider filing a work comp claim to access helpful benefits. A Richmond Workers’ Compensation attorney can help you understand your options. 

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