Four Reasons Your Richmond Workers’ Compensation Claim Could Be Denied

With varying state laws and other circumstances that may impact your Workers’ Compensation case, the process for obtaining benefits can be very complicated. However, the process may be made easier by consulting with a Richmond Workers’ Comp attorney.

While you might assume that all injuries and illness are covered, this isn’t necessarily true. Workers’ Compensation benefits are available for workers, regardless of fault, when they have suffered injury or illness during the scope of their job.

Certain injuries may not be covered, particularly if you were: 

  • under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
  • injured while committing a serious crime;Denied
  • found to be violating company policy; and
  • not on the clock at the time of your injury.

Knowing your rights as an employee is important. For your safety, and in order to provide benefits, Workers’ Compensation laws came into effect. However, not all employers or insurance companies treat employees fairly, which is why you may need to seek legal counsel.  

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