How to deal with your Nurse Case Manager in your Workers Comp Claim



A nurse case manager may be assigned to your case.  The role of the nurse case manager is to monitor your care and report back to the insurance adjuster.  Many times, there may be underlying pressure on the doctor to force an injured worker back to work too quickly or to suggest cheaper medical treatment as opposed to what a physician may truly want to do.   Never forget who is paying the nurse case manager and that they have an agenda to save the insurance company money.  Many times, a nurse case manager can convince a doctor to release an injured worker back to work even if the doctor had not originally intended to do so.  Other times, they may recommend to the insurance company to deny the recommended treatment because, in their opinion, they don’t feel that it’s necessary.

Although there are a lot of  good nurse case managers out there with a genuine desire to help, many times it appears they are more interested in helping the carrier and employer. Nurse Case managers may take this a little hard, but you have to realize who they are working for in the first place.


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