I was injured on a Richmond construction site while I was working as an independent contractor. Can I still get Virginia worker’s compensation benefits for my injury?

Virginia workers’ compensation for injury damages due to work accidents covers employees in nearly every profession. The workers’ compensation laws determine who is considered an “employee” of a company, but independent contractors are a special case. The laws are sometimes unclear over when independent contractors are covered under workers’ compensation, which is where you’ll need to work with a Richmond workers’ compensation attorney for guidance. 

Independent contractors are typically required to purchase their own workers’ compensation insurance, if they wish to be covered. The entity that hires the contractor is not liable for providing this insurance in most cases. The general contractor may have potential liability as a statutory employer, but if they do not pay the additional premium for uninsured subcontractors you may not be covered. 

Employees of independent contractors may be covered for a workers’ compensation injury if the independent contractor has more than 3 employees and therefore is required by law to provide insurance coverage. There are some cases where employees of the subcontractor may be covered under the main contractor’s workers’ compensation insurance as well. 

There are many variables in a workers’ compensation claim when you are injured on a jobsite as an independent contractor or employee of such company. These claims can become very complex as you try to determine which party is liable for covering your injuries through their workers’ compensation insurance. 

For help navigating the workers’ compensation claims process when you are unsure of your rights to coverage for your injuries and damages, aRichmondworkers’ compensation attorney is an excellent resource. 

Ask Your Questions to a Richmond Workers’ Compensation Attorney 

Being an independent contractor means you may not be covered by the main contractor’s workers’ compensation injury insurance. The insurance companies may try to avoid all liability in these types of workplace injury claims, which is why you need a Richmond workers’ compensation attorney to fight for your rights. 

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