9050044-close-up-of-a-medical-history-form-and-a-doctor-s-stethoscopeConsulting a Workers’ Compensation benefits attorney in Richmond can help in making sure your work injury claim is properly protected. An attorney can explain your rights as a worker as well as some of the things you should and shouldn’t do when seeking benefits.

One of the important things you need to do is provide an accurate medical history to the doctor. Too many injured workers believe that withholding information, such as a previous injury, will make their case stronger. Instead, it can lead to your claim being denied or your benefits terminated.

The insurance company is going to investigate your work accident. This will include looking into your medical records. If the investigator or adjuster sees something you failed to disclose, this will throw up a red flag. This isn’t to say you have to report every single little bump or bruise, but use common sense and tell the physician of any significant injuries you have had previously.

You also want to make sure that you accurately report your current work injury. If at your initial doctor’s appointment you didn’t mention a particular symptom and bring it up later on, this might look suspicious.

From the very beginning you must provide clear, accurate information concerning how you were hurt, where it happened and the symptoms you are experiencing. If symptoms change, make sure you inform the doctor and that this is indicated in your records.

There are other ways you could jeopardize your workers’ comp benefits as well, such as neglecting the doctor’s orders. This is why talking with an attorney may help to manage any potential or current problems you have with your claim.

Seeking Help from Workers’ Compensation Benefits Attorney in Richmond

After a work injury, contact a Richmond Workers’ Compensation attorney from the Injured Workers Law Firm at 877-755-7744 or 804-755-7755. In addition, make sure you obtain a copy of our FREE guide, which can help you better understand your rights as an injured worker.