In terms of Workers’ Compensation, can I be treated by my own doctor and, if not, can I trust a doctor provided by my employer?

If your doctor is authorized by the Workers’ Compensation insurance carrier, then the answer is yes. If not, the answer is not definitive. For injured workers in Richmond, a workers’ compensation attorney may advise you on ways to try and get a new treating physician; however, it is complicated and does not guarantee your doctor will be approved for your treatment.

Doctor Assignments for s’ Compensation Claims

Generally in a workers’ compensation case, the insurance carrier may provide you with a list of up to three doctors. Once you have seen an authorized treating physician, more likely than not, this will be the doctor who will oversee your medical care for your workplace injury.

One exception is if your claim is denied. In this case, you may see a doctor of your choice and appeal to the Deputy Commissioner overseeing Virginia’s Workers’ Compensation. If you win your appeal, then the doctor who has been treating you is accepted as the physician for your claim. The insurance carrier will not have any influence over the matter.

Rest assured, even if a doctor is assigned to you, most are trustworthy. There are a few doctors insurance carriers consistently use because these physicians offer favorable opinions for employers. In Richmond, Workers’ Compensation attorneys know who these doctors are and can help you make an informed choice when making your selection.

Ask a Richmond Workers’ Compensation Attorney

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