Do Not Let Insurance Company Employees Into Your Home!

I’ve talked with several injured workers lately who have mentioned to me that either a case manager, vocational counselor, or adjuster has come to their home recently to talk about their case.  Listen up folks – don’t let people who work for the insurance company into your home!  This puts injured workers in a vulnerable position by letting an employee of the insurance company into their private residence to poke around.  By “poke around” I mean:

Is that a stroller?

Is there a young child around who needs to be cared for or picked up?shutterstock_278754644

What about that weight set in the corner?  Are you working out?

Who uses those golf clubs?

All these things can lead to ASSUMPTIONS that could potentially cause to problems down the road for someone seeking benefits.

My point is – even things that seem harmless could spark a conversation or hint at something that was not intended so you need to be extra careful!  I always tell people that when things are left to chance, chances are the insurance company will lean towards whatever is financially beneficial for them – not the injured worker!

If you are going to be meeting with someone from the insurance company or anyone working on your claim, I always recommend a public place (restaurant, library, park – pretty much anywhere but your home).

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