Meet Joanne Monticelli, Esq.!

Everyone, I’m pleased to introduce to you Joanne Monticelli, Esq.  Joanne is an attorney and a personal friend of mine who I trust to help my clients with their Social Security needs.  Joanne has a direct line here at my office and works closely with me and my staff to make sure all the needs of injured workers can be met.  As you probably already know, Social Security and workers’ JCMcompensation benefits can overlap and affect one another.  That is why I always tell injured workers to consult an attorney BEFORE filing for any additional benefits.

I still only handle workers’ compensation claims so that I can stay on top of the ever-changing laws here in Virginia.  I do this to ensure that my clients can receive the most knowledgeable up to date information from me and my staff for their work injury needs.  I can advise my clients on how filing for Social Security can affect their workers’ compensation benefits but I leave the questions about the Social Security system itself to Joanne!

If you have questions about a Social Security claim, contact Joanne Monticelli, Esq., here at my office at (804) 755-7655.



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