Never let the nurse case manager switch your treating physician without your consent.

One of the greatest areas of abuse in the workers’ compensation system is the habit of “doctor shopping,” especially when the insurance adjuster does not like the authorized treating physician‘s opinion (usually regarding work restrictions or the capacity to work).  A trick I have seen a few times is the nurse case manager says the doctor you picked is not available for a month or more and you could see another particular doctor this week. There is a reason why one doctor is booked and the other is not. Why would anyone go to a doctor who has no patients? My suggestion is to set the appointment for next month and tell the receptionist to call you if there are any cancellations so you could come in immediately. Unfortunately, there are a few doctors to whom the insurance companies always send injured workers for second opinions, or treatment, or Independent Medical Examinations when they want an opinion that the worker is able to return to work without restrictions or with very little restrictions.

A lawyer who handles workers’ compensation cases on a regular basis knows who these doctors are and knows what they’re going to say even before the worker has been seen by the doctor.  The insurance industry knows these doctors will be a great value to them for the money they are being paid and will make every effort to be sure that the injured worker is seen by those doctors.  These very few doctors are paid hundreds of thousands of dollars each year by insurance companies to do their dirty work.


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