People don’t want to “file a lawsuit” or “sue” their employers

Insurance adjustors voluntarily pay you some benefits. You might ask what’s wrong with the insurance company doing what they are supposed to do?  What’s wrong is that they do it in order to catch you unaware and then you are in danger of permanently losing your benefits.  Many times, insurance adjusters will voluntarily make payments and will never inform the claimant of the fact that that if they don’t file a claim for benefits form and get an Award order, they will quit paying them when the statute of limitations runs, which is two years from the date of injury.  This is part of their “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.  This occurs with entire claims and it also occurs with specific body parts.  Here is an example.   You have a shoulder and neck injury but the paperwork only lists your neck. The insurance company pays for your shoulder and neck medical treatment and after two years they stop your shoulder treatment.  You are out of luck because every body part must be listed in the paperwork within two years of the accident for them to have to pay it.  What bothers me so much about this is that most people don’t want to “file a lawsuit” or “sue” their employers and they think a claim for benefits is filing a lawsuit against their employer.  They don’t understand that it is a requirement.

The problem is that the insurance companies know this about hard working, loyal employees, and take advantage of these individuals who don’t want to make waves and want to get back to work as quickly as possible.  The number of times people have come to me with this problem breaks my heart, because there is nothing I can do for them at that point.


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