Protect your elbow, Working Safely while standing, sitting, and moving around

Repetitive injuries are not covered under Workers’ Compensation in Virginia. So follow these safety tips to prevent work injuries, especially to the elbow.

Working Safely while standing, sitting, and moving around. Follow these tips:

Working while standing

  • Keep work within 14 to 18 inches of your body.
  • Avoid reaching behind your back or over your head.
  • Take short breaks

Working while on the move

  • Avoid picking things up from the top
  • Pickup from side to side, or from the bottom
  • Keep from having to have a tight grip on things

Working while sitting

  • Keep table at comfortable height when using keyboard, monitor or mouse.
  • Sit up straight.
  • Don’t lean on your elbows.
  • Keep hands relaxed when not using mouse.
  • Get up and walk around frequently. Good time to get a drink of water.

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