Random Inspections May Help Prevent Richmond Workplace Injuries

There are various safety measures that can help prevent workplace injuries. These efforts can help protect workers and reduce the number of employees who seek Workers’ Compensation.

Recent studies show that random workplace inspections can be one effective way to cut down on injuries in the workplace. It looked at a large sampling of work sites and evaluated how they benefited from random, unannounced workplace inspections by OSHA inspectors.

The study, conducted by a team of experts from 3 different universities, shows that the number of on-site accidents was reduced by 9%, and there was a 26% savings in accident-related costs.

This study helps drive home the point that employers can help prevent their workers from being injured by following specific safety steps. Workplaces that were unaware that a visit from OSHA is about to occur will be operating as they usually do at the time of the inspection, and they will not be able to “clean up” known mistakes in order to avoid trouble. When the whole crew is encouraged to keep safety first every day, it makes for a better work environment (and fewer mishaps) for everyone involved.

Contacting a Richmond Virginia Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Unfortunately, not all companies get unannounced visits from OSHA, and workplace accidents will happen sometimes no matter what. If you’re injured at work, you should seek the workers’ compensation that’s due and have an attorney on your side to make sure you’re treated fairly. Call the Injured Workers Law Firm at 804-775-7755 and get a FREE BOOK for injured workers.


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