Richmond Workers’ Compensation Attorney: Psychological Trauma

Elicit help from a Richmond workers’ compensation attorney when navigating the claims process. Emotional distress may require medical treatment, and such damages may be addressed in a workers’ compensation claim.

Not all injuries cause anxiety, depression or other emotional problems, and workers may react differently to injuries. Still, catastrophic injuries that are severe and lead to chronic disabilities may increase the chances of emotional distress.


Some work injuries that may lead to psychological trauma:

  • loss of a limb or other body part;
  • burns that cause scarring or disfigurement;
  • neck and back injuries;
  • brain damage;
  • paralysis; and
  • organ damage.

Psychological injuries may reduce quality of life, and they may require lengthy periods away from work. Recovering compensation to cover the costs of such damages is important. In some cases, the added stress may also extend to the worker’s family tasked with caring for him or her; recovering damages may reduce some of the financial burden.

If you have developed psychological injuries stemming from a work injury, this may affect your claim. Consult with an attorney who handles workers’ compensation claims to review your case and determine how this may affect the damages you seek.

Seeking Help from a Richmond Workers’ Compensation Attorney

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