Richmond Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Explain Death Benefits Rights

When you’ve lost a loved one in an on-the-job accident, the pain and grief can be almost paralyzing. Still, it’s important to know your Virginia workers’ compensation death benefits rights by reading what Richmond workers’ compensation attorneys have to say.

The dependent and partially dependent family members of employees killed in workplace accidents are eligible for up to one-third of the deceased employee’s income for a period of 500 weeks. These benefits can help the grieving family pay for burial costs as well as daily living costs in the months and years after the loss.

Generally, an employer must pay death benefits to qualifying family members of the deceased worker when a death occurs at work. Sometimes, an employer may deny a claim for one reason or another. One common reason given is that the employee died because of his or her own negligence on the job; that safety rules were not followed. The employer may make it seem as though the burden of proof is on you when in reality it’s on them to prove that your loved one was negligent.

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