Social Security and the Cost of Living Adjustment

I just love my job!  Even though I have been practicing workers’ compensation for years, I still learn something new every day.  The other day I learned something HUGE.  As I tell most people, you can’t get a yearly cost of living adjustment for your workers’ compensation benefits if you’re also on Social Security Disability.  Technically, the theory is that you get the cost of living adjustment from Social Security and so there is no “double dipping.”shutterstock_262035686

However, I just found out that, even though you cannot be on Social Security Disability and get a yearly cost of living adjustment from workers’ compensation, when you turn 65 and your Social Security Disability check turns into a Social Security Retirement check, you can get a cost of living adjustment on your workers’ compensation check again.  In general, I still don’t like people being on both Social Security Disability and workers’ compensation because Social Security makes your workers’ compensation check taxable and many other things.  At least this is a way for folks in these situations to get a little extra money coming in.


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