Take These Steps When You Get Hurt On The Job


STEP 1 Report any change in your medical condition or employment status to me.
STEP 2 Keep all papers you receive from me confidential.  Do not show them to anyone.  Remember, the insurance adjuster may interview your neighbors, friends and co-workers.
STEP 3 EVERY time you see your doctor, get a disability slip, send my office a photocopy of it, and keep the original disability slips.
STEP 4 DO NOT give a recorded statement, sign any papers or write letters to anyone about your case, especially the insurance adjuster and your employer until you have discussed it with me first.
STEP 5 DO NOT discuss your medical condition, employment, employment prospects, personal life or anything else with anyone hired by the insurance carrier until you talk to me first.  This may be a nurse or vocational counselor.
STEP 6 DO NOT discuss any aspect of your workers’ compensation case with the insurance adjuster with two exceptions:
a) If you have not received reimbursement for prescriptions or mileage, you should speak directly to the adjustor; and/or
b) If you have not received your check, you should speak directly to the adjuster.  DO NOT call your attorney regarding your checks unless your checks are two weeks late or if the adjuster will not speak with you regarding this information. The Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act allows us to file for a 20% penalty on all amounts owed to you if your checks are more than two weeks late.
STEP 7 If you are presently receiving or have a claim pending for weekly benefits, be aware that insurance companies often hire investigators to watch and record your daily activities.
STEP 8 If you are placed on light duty, DO contact your employer to see if light duty work is available. If they do not have light duty work, DO start looking for light duty work immediately. DO contact at least 10 employers per week, register with the Virginia Employment Commission, and keep a list of all job contacts including: name, address, date, telephone number, and contact person.
STEP 9 Call us anytime if you have any questions.



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