Top Work Injury Claims from Richmond Workers’ Compensation Attorney

An ergonomic work injury can cause you a lot of stress and health complications. It’s important for you to learn about different injuries and how to avoid them. Having to file a work injury claim for ergonomic injuries will take a lot of time and effort, but a Richmond Workers’ Compensation attorney can make sure that you get the support that you deserve.

The most common ergonomic work injury claims include:

  • overexertion, which includes injuries caused by pulling, pushing, lifting, holding, and carrying heavy objects;
  • falling, either on the same level or down to a lower level;
  • bodily reaction, which refers to cases of slips or trips that do not result in a fall, but the body reacting to catch itself and thereby being injured;
  • being struck by an object accounts for a lot of Workers’ Compensation claims for ergonomic work injury; and
  • repetitive motion, such as repeated lifting, typing, standing, sitting, or other movements, which can cause injury to the body over time.falling_man

With the help of a Richmond Workers’ Compensation attorney, you can file your ergonomic work injury claim and get the settlement that you deserve. There are many other types of ergonomic injuries, but these are the most common and account for almost 75 percent of all Workers’ Compensation claims.

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