Trip and Fall Injuries at Work and How Virginia Workers’ Compensation Can Help You

Trip and fall injuries are especially common on the job and can happen no matter what type of occupation you may have.  The types of injuries sustained, during a trip and fall, could be anything from tripping over a box and twisting your ankle to something more serious like slipping on a patch of slick oil and suffering a concussion or broken bones. 

No matter how serious the injury, trip and fall accidents may require medical attention and time away from work. If this has happened to you, you may be eligible to file for Workers’ Compensation to help with the cost of medical bills and other expenses related to treating your injury. 

Some workers may not believe that their trip and fall injuries are serious, and therefore, fail to report them to their employers or seek medical care. Even if an accident and the resulting injury do not seem serious, it is still a good idea to be checked out by a doctor and to report the incident to your supervisor. Failure to do so may hinder you from seeking Workers’ Compensation benefits in the future. 

Common Causes of Trip and Fall Injuries 

Many types of soft tissue, bone, and nerve damage from trip and fall injuries could take weeks or even years to present themselves and you will need to have the medical evidence and paperwork to back you up in a Workers’ Compensation claim.  Most trip and fall injuries can be prevented and the most common causes can include the following: 

  • tripping on wires or cords that are not secured;
  • falling into potholes or manholes on construction sites;
  • slipping on wet floors or chemical spills that have not been cleaned up properly or in a timely manner; and
  • falling or tripping due to damaged work equipment or unkempt property

Trip and fall injuries in the workplace can have very serious consequences. From broken bones to nerve damage, the affects can be long-lasting and debilitating. If you have experienced a trip and fall injury on the job and are having trouble paying for medical bills or making up for last wages, pursuing a Workers’ Compensation claim may help you stay financially afloat. In a time that is probably already confusing and stressful you may not know what to do. Follow these steps

  • see a doctor as soon as possible for treatment of injuries;
  • report the incident to your supervisor;
  • write down your account of the event that led up to the accident and what occurred afterward;
  • write down the names and contact information of anyone who may have witnessed the accident; and
  • if possible, take photos and/or video of the accident scene and your resulting injuries. 

After you have taken these actions, the next step you take should be to contact an attorney who can help you gather the pertinent information that will strengthen your Workers’ Compensation claim.  Filing for these benefits can be confusing and stressful especially if you are dealing with a serious injury. 

Your claim may even be denied if not filed properly so it is best to leave this process in the capable hands of an experienced Virginia legal team. Do not be ashamed or scared to file for benefits after trip and fall injuries. It is illegal for your employer to punish you for seeking help and there is nothing wrong with getting assistance for yourself and your family, if you are unable to work for legitimate reasons. 

Contact a Virginia Attorney about Your Work Related Injury Claim 

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