Understanding Richmond Workers’ Compensation: Vocational Rehabilitation

When you’ve been injured at work, you should have a Virginia workers compensation attorney on your side to help guide you through the process. For many injured employees, there will come a point when the doctor says you’re able to return to work, whether in full capacity or on light/modified duty. At that time, the insurance company may begin vocation rehabilitation.

The goal of vocational rehabilitation is to get you to return to work as soon as possible. While this is an admirable goal, the insurance company usually has its best interests, not those of the injured worker, in mind.  They want to save themselves the money of having an injured worker on compensation.

While this is understandable, it can have negative impact on the worker. It may be better for a worker to find his or her own employment because it’s more likely to suit the workers needs, interests and physical abilities.

It’s important for workers to be aware of the legal rights attached to Workers’ Compensation. Workers should contact a Virginia Workers’ Compensation attorney to make sure that their employer’s insurance company is being fair about vocational rehabilitation and other aspects of the case.

Contacting a Virginia Workers’ Compensation Attorney

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