What To Do If An Employer Retaliates After a Workers Compensation Claim

An unexpected injury at work can cause great worry on a number of fronts. In addition to potentially painful injuries, you might be concerned about how this injury could affect your employment in Virginia. However, worker’s compensation can solve your anxiety by providing medical attention and lost wages to help you through your recovery.

But even though you are entitled to receive these benefits, regardless of fault, you may encounter resistance from your employer. Some companies show their disapproval of the use of worker’s compensation by blatant discrimination or even unjust termination of employment. Not only is it wrong, it’s illegal.

Many states take the extra step of guarding injured employees by allowing civil actions against offending companies. This means a worker can file a claim for retaliatory discharge. By filing such a claim, the employee must prove to a judge or jury that it’s more likely than not that he or she was wrongfully terminated.

Even if the employer does not go to the extremes of firing the worker, there could be other types of discrimination that are just as illegal such as demotion. Employees are protected from this type of abuse when filing a worker’s compensation claim because of the ability to file a cause of action against the company.  

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