After a job related injury in Virginia, there may be some instances in the course of your Virginia’s Workers’ Compensation case in which it is in your best interest to accept a settlement, but you should never do so without first speaking to a Workers’ Comp law attorney. 

There are a number of reasons to settle a Virginia Workers’ Compensation case. For instance, going to trial can be expensive and you may find a lump sum appealing. 

It is important to take into consideration, however, that accepting a settlement waives your employer and your employer’s insurer of any liability to pay your future lost wages or medical benefits, so you should never make this decision without speaking to a Workers’ Comp law attorney. 

Neither side can force a settlement agreement, so you are under no obligation to accept an offer the insurance company makes. Each settlement must also be approved by the Virginian Workers’ Compensation Commission, which will approve only settlements that serve the best interest of injured workers. 

You should always speak with an attorney before you make any decisions pertaining to your Virginia Workers’ Compensation case. You are more likely to receive a larger settlement offer from the insurance company if you have an attorney involved in the process, and the standard attorney’s fee on a settlement is 20%. 

Consultations with a Workers’ Comp law attorney are no-cost and no-obligation, so speak with one today to determine your best course of action pertaining to your Virginia Workers’ Compensation case. 

Contact a Workers’ Comp Law Attorney about Your Job Related Injury in Virginia 

When you have difficulties with your Virginia Workers’ Compensation case a Workers’ Comp attorney can bear some of the burden. To get back on your feet, whether it means getting back to work or getting the benefits you deserve, order a copy of our free book, the Ultimate Guide to Workers’ Compensation in Virginia, and contact a workers’ comp attorney at the Injured Workers Law Firm for a no-cost consultation – 877-755-7744 or 804-755-7755.