What are some of the most common work injuries that can lead to Workers’ Comp cases?

When you’ve suffered one of the many common workplace injuries after an accident on the job, you will need to understand the world of Workers’ Comp cases. Our Richmond, Virginia attorneys can help you with your Virginia Workers’ Compensation claim, regardless of the type of injury you sustain – common or uncommon.

The most common workplace injuries seen in a Virginia Workers’ Compensation claim include: 

  • overexertion of a body part from lifting an object;
  • falls on flat surfaces or from heights;
  • injury from falling debris or flying objects;
  • automobile accidents while driving for work;
  • exposure to dangerous temperatures;
  • severed or crushed limbs;
  • chemical spills;
  • exposure to toxic materials; and
  • blunt force trauma.

Many of these injuries can cause long-term or permanent disabilities, and in severe cases, can even lead to death. Workers’ Comp cases are designed to provide financial relief to workers and their families who have been devastated by the impact of a serious injury.

Even though these are common workplace injuries, they can cause some very serious long-term complications. Disfigurement, amputation, paralysis and chronic pain are just a few of the long-term risks you face after an accident.

Whether you’ve suffered one of these common workplace injuries or an injury more unique to your profession, Richmond, Virginia, attorneys with a focus on Virginia Workers’ Compensation can help you seek compensation. You have the right to file Workers’ Comp cases when an accident related to your job causes you severe injury, and an attorney can help you protect those rights.

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When you have difficulties with a claim for common workplace injuries,Richmond, Virginia, attorneys who focus their practice on Workers’ Comp cases can bear some of the burden for you. If you return to work or receive a permanent disability rating, an attorney can help.

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