What are some reasons my Workers’ Compensation claim may be denied?

When you’re injured on the job, Workers’ Compensation is supposed to be there to help you. However, there are cases in which claims may be denied and you deserve to know exactly what happened and why you’re not getting the support and protection that you expected.

There are many reasons claims may be denied and the circumstances may be a little different for everyone. Some of the most common reasons for a claim denial include: 

  • injury doesn’t actually occur at work or while on the clock, such as while traveling to or from work;
  • cannot show that the injury occurred at work or is related to employee’s job duties;
  • employee delays making claim, does not seek medical treatment following accident, or seeks treatment with a provider that isn’t approved by employer (some states allow employers to choose providers);
  • spend more time away from work than is necessary; and
  • the condition or injury is determined to be pre-existing. 

There are many different reasons a Workers’ Compensation claim may be denied. Taking the time to talk to a Richmond Workers’ Comp attorney may help you learn more about this process, fight unfair denials, appeal your case, and more. Having legal help on your side when you have a legitimate claim can make a big difference. The system is designed to combat fraud, but it may backfire in some situations with unjustified claim denials.

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