What are the compensation periods for the different loss of use injuries that can occur?

When a job-related injury results in the loss of use of a body part an injured worker may be eligible to collect work injury compensation for a certain period of time. The duration of compensation differs depending on which body part is affected, and a Virginia Workers’ Comp lawyer can help you determine your eligibility. 

The following body parts may be covered in a work injury compensation claim when the injury results in loss of use: 

  • Thumb – 60 weeks’ compensation;
  • First (index) finger – 35 weeks’ compensation;
  • Second finger – 30 weeks’ compensation;
  • Third finger – 20 weeks’ compensation;
  • Fourth (little or “pinky”) finger – 15 weeks’ compensation;
  • First phalanx of the thumb or any other finger – one-half compensation;
  • Great (big) toe – 30 weeks’ compensation;
  • Any other toe – 10 weeks’ compensation;
  • First phalanx of any toe – one-half compensation;
  • Hand – 150 weeks’ compensation;
  • Arm – 200 weeks’ compensation;
  • Foot – 125 weeks’ compensation;
  • Leg – 175 weeks’ compensation;
  • Permanent total loss of the vision of an eye – 100 weeks’ compensation;
  • Permanent total loss of hearing in an ear – 50 weeks’ compensation; and
  • Severely marked disfigurement of the body resulting from an injury not otherwise compensated by this section – up to 60 weeks’ compensation. 

Not all employers will be willing to give an injured worker the full amount of work injury compensation the worker potentially is entitled to when he or she loses the use of a limb. Your employer may not explain and offer you all of the benefits you may qualify for when you file your claim. If you feel that you are not obtaining the benefits you are entitled to, a Virginia Workers’ Comp lawyer can help. 

Help for an Injured Worker from a Virginia Workers’ Comp Lawyer 

When you have difficulties with your work injury compensation claim, a lawyer can bear some of the burden of dealing with the stressors of Workers’ Compensation claims. An injured worker who returns to work or receives a permanent disability rating can also find help when working with an attorney. 

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