What are the two most important things I can do to help my Virginia Workers’ Compensation Claim…

Two things are to get the Commission to accept the claim, an Award order would then be entered for your Workers’ Compensation injury.  This is the document that you are looking for when there is any change in your case.  You want Award orders entered so that you’re under what’s called an open Award, as opposed to not having an Award and the employer just making voluntary payments.  This is important for several reasons.  One reason is that if you’re being voluntarily paid with no Award order and a conflict comes up six months to a year later, you will still have to prove your case:  that the injury by accident occurred.  Many witnesses may be gone and, at the very least, memories faded.  The conflict may be whether or not you should have surgery and now you also have to fight and prove whether an actual accident occurred.  Once an order is entered, the insurance company is legally responsible for that injury by accident and you would never have to go back and try to prove it.


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