What is permanent partial disability benefits? Does it include pain and suffering?

Loss of use of a body part.  The legal term is permanent partial disability benefits.  When an employee permanently loses the use or partial use of a body member, he’s entitled to permanent partial disability benefits.  The neck and the back are not covered; however, many times if you have a back injury you may have problems with your legs, or if you have a neck injury, you may have problems with your arms.  Then, you would get a disability rating to those body parts.  As I said before, there is no money for pain and suffering but this benefit is somewhat like getting reimbursed for pain and suffering since you are being compensated for the permanent loss of range of motion.  It is calculated by a standard math formula.  It is the rating your doctor gives you for the loss of use of the body part member, multiplied by two-thirds of your average weekly wage, multiplied by a certain number of weeks, depending on the body part being rated.


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