What’s it mean if my doctor releases me for “light duty” after a Richmond work injury?

A work injury prescribed for light duty means you can go back to work. Whether your former employer will make a job available for you may be an issue, and you might want a Richmond Workers’ Compensation attorney to investigate the situation.

Dilemmas for a Work Injury Assigned Light Duty

When a doctor releases you for light duty, it can be a good thing. This means your injury is not debilitating and you also may have a positive prognosis for a full recovery.

Your former employer may have a job that fits this criterion or may even modify your former work situation so you can do a limited amount of work. If you do return to your previous employer, make sure they know about the restrictions your doctor has put on you, like no standing for extended periods of time.

A light duty assignment usually means a worker will be paid less than what they earned in their former position. Workers’ Compensation is relied upon to the pay the difference. Unfortunately, many employers will deny having any light duty assignments available so they do not have to pay either wages or Workers’ Compensation benefits.

If faced with a situation like this, you should talk to a Richmond Workers’ Compensation attorney who can assess your circumstances and advise you of your legal rights.

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