Workers’ Compensation Claim: Attorney in Richmond Explains Denial of Benefits

Before you decide you don’t have a workers’ compensation claim because it was denied, read what a Richmond workers’ compensation attorney says about denials and why you should appeal the decision.

There are many reasons why people have a workers’ compensation claim denied. Understanding the legalities, guidelines and rules behind these claims will allow you to better understand why things aren’t approved. Sometimes, it can be as simple as an error in the claim filing. Other times, it’s just obvious to the company that there isn’t a claim worth paying.

Regardless of the reason for denial, a workers’ comp attorney in Richmond is going to help you fight through the appeals process. The employer and its insurance provider are going to do their best to avoid paying a claim, so they will look for any reason to deny it. This is one of the most common reasons for denial. The employer or the insurance company can dispute the claim, on many grounds, in order to avoid paying.

Too often, employees settle for a denial without pursuing the appeals process or just assume they don’t have a claim. You should always talk to a workers’ compensation claim professional before you give up. The second most common reason for claim denials is that claims aren’t reported in time. As soon as you suffer an injury in the workplace, you need to report the claim and make sure that your employer does, as well.

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