Understanding Workers’ Compensation Law

Attorney Michele Lewane of the Injured Workers’ Law Firm in Richmond, Virginia explains the basics of Workers’ Compensation Law in Virginia.
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There are many many rules under workers compensation law and since the injured worker has the burden of proving and do everything, the insurance company has no obligation to tell anything that puts a huge disadvantage on the injured worker that who’s sick trying to concentrate on getting back to work and getting their health back together and then they’re supposed to know all the details of whats goes on with a workers comp claim.

One of, one roll is that you have to give your employer notice of your injury and notice of the accident within thirty days. So the most important thing is to tell your employer as soon as possible that you’ve been hurt on the job.

What happens again is people are work’n hard they don’t wanna cause problems at work and so they have this minor lifting of a patient and they don’t think anything’s wrong and then the pain in their shoulder doesn’t go away, doesn’t go away, and then all the sudden their finding out, Oh My Gosh, I’ve got a tear in my, in my shoulder and the thirty days have gone up.

So please be a little assertive, and just say, I had an accident and I may have hurt myself, ok, now the other flip is that, is if you don’t give your notice within twenty-four hours that does not mean you don’t have a case either, because many employers will tell their employees, Well you didn’t give us notice within twenty-four hours, they don’t have the say so, the rule is, thirty days.

Obviously the sooner the better, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t have a case.

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