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If you suffered a work-related injury and the injury worsens, you may still be covered under Workers’ Compensation. The reasons your work-related injury has gotten worse may need to be investigated, but under normal circumstances, the injury will continue to fall under Workers’ Compensation. It’s best to speak with a Richmond Workers’ Compensation attorney who can assess your specific case.

Coverage for Worsening or New Injuries

Here is an example where a previous injury covered by Workers’ Compensation would continue to receive coverage if aggravated. Let’s say you were visiting an authorized physical therapist, and during your rehabilitation treatment, your injury worsened. In this case, your coverage would continue.

In fact, even if a new injury surfaces under the medical treatment provided by your employer, you are not responsible for the injury. The employer who authorized this treatment is obligated to pay for the rehabilitative care for this new injury. A Richmond Workers’ Compensation attorney can help you pursue this claim.

Injuries That May Not Be Covered

There are some injuries that are not covered under Workers’ Compensation law. These include injuries that were received:

  • intoxicated;
  • behaving outside the requirements of the company’s policy;
  • by self-infliction;
  • outside of normal work hours; and
  • while you were not required to be working.

Contact a Richmond Workers’ Compensation Attorney

The laws governing Workers’ Compensation can be difficult to understand. A Workers’ Compensation attorney may be able to answer all your questions and fight for your right to compensation.

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