Workers’ Compensation Terms – Part 4 – Insurance and Vocational Rehabilitation Lingo

When you are dealing with a work injury there are also several terms that are used when you deal with the workers’ compensation insurance company or, perhaps, when you’re going through the vocational rehabilitation process.  This blog series is to help you get familiar with the lingo because if you were injured at work, you are going to need to have a solid understanding of these workers compensation terms. This is Part 4 of 5.

*Please remember these terms are provided to give you a clearer picture of what is going on with your workers’ comp claim, the meanings given in this context are not necessarily the legal definition nor are they the only definition of that term.

Ins. Carrier: Insurance Carrier-  The insurance carrier or company that is administering and processing the claim for workers’ compensation benefits.shutterstock_232820131

Adj: Adjuster – The representative who works for the insurance company and administers their policies.  This is typically the person you will be dealing with regarding your claim (unless you have hired an attorney) as they are the person who has to approve or deny any medical care and/or payment for time lost from work.

Marketing/Job Search: The requirement to look for light duty or modified duty work while you are under the care of a doctor who has placed limitations on your current work abilities and to clearly keep track these attempts at finding suitable employment.

Voc. Rehab: Vocational Rehabilitation –  A program that the insurance company uses to restore the injured worker to some form of employment.

Voc. Rehab CounselorVocational Rehabilitation Counselor – The person who will oversee the injured worker and assist with job searching/marketing and, in some cases, resume revision to assist the injured worker in finding some form of employment.

Gainful Employment: Work that a person can pursue and perform for money or activities intended to provide an income to a person.  However, this term is very vague and can be interpreted in many ways.

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