You must prove an injury by accident in your WC claim.

You must prove an injury by accident.  This may seem simple but it is probably one of the most common reasons why workers’ compensation claims are denied.  To prove an injury by accident, the injured worker must prove a SPECIFIC IDENTIFIABLE INCIDENT that occurred at a reasonably definite time, which is the cause of an obvious sudden mechanical or structural change in the body.  This is the legal definition.  It basically means that you have to prove that your accident happened suddenly at a specific time while you were performing a specific work-related task.  Gradual injuries or injuries sustained at an unknown time are not covered.  Here is an example of a gradual injury:  You are a painter and lift ten buckets of paint and put them in the back of your truck.  At the end of lifting the buckets, you feel pain in your back and have a herniated discTHIS WOULD NOT BE COVERED UNDER WORKERS’ COMPENSATION. However, if you were putting the buckets of paint in the truck and, as you were putting the third bucket in the bed of the truck, you felt a pull or pain in your lower back and continued working, it would be covered under workers’ compensation because you would be able to specifically say as you were putting the third bucket in, you felt a sharp pain, pull, pop, etc. Proving an injury by accident is one of the top reasons you may want to hire a workers’ compensation attorney.


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