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5 Things to Help Your Virginia Workers Comp Case

  1. Report the injury immediately to your employer in writing if possible. Not reporting a claim immediately may increase the chance of you claim being denied by the workman’s compensation insurance company. The insurance company may say that your injury is not that serious because you failed to report it when it happened.
  2. Go to the doctor as soon as possible. This will help establish the proof of a link between the accident and the injury. This may be especially important  in soft-tissue injuries where the injury is not obvious to see.
  3. Don’t give a recorded statement to the work comp insurance company without legal advice. You may unknowingly say something that hurts your claim, or they may try to twist your words and use them against you.
  4. Listen to your doctor and do what they say. This is important for several reasons. First it will help you to get better from your injury. Also if you do things the doctor tells you not to do this may reduce your benefits. For example, if you lift more than the doctor says you should be lifting.
  5. If you have a serious injury you should have a good worker’s compensation lawyer in Virginia. It is best to get a lawyer that specializes in work comp law because they know all the procedures that must be carefully followed in order to make a successful claim.

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