10 Employment Rules during Your Virginia Workers’ Compensation Case

A Virginia Workers’ Compensation claim can become complicated when you’ve been injured while on the job but are expected to continue working. In some cases it might be ruled that while you can’t return to work after an injury doing what you did before, you can be put on light duty.  

If your employer doesn’t have light duty work for you to do, then you’ll need to look for other employment that falls within the restrictions your doctor has placed on you. If you’d like to learn how best to protect your rights, you would benefit from speaking with a Virginia work injury compensation lawyer

When You Return to Work after an Injury: Employment Rules 

If you’re ordered to look for work, you’ll be expected to follow certain employment rules. To fully understand what’s required when you receive Workers Compensation, you should consult with a Virginia work injury compensation lawyer. 

The first rule is that if you fail to look for work, even if for some reason you weren’t aware that you needed to, you won’t receive Virginia Workers’ Compensation payments. 

The second rule is that even though you’re still employed by your employer, you’ll need to apply for unemployment benefits. Eligibility isn’t guaranteed but if you do qualify, your weekly unemployment benefit rate may be reduced. 

The third rule is that you must keep documentation related to all the jobs for which you applied. If you fail to write down all of the places you’ve sought employment, this could also affect your collection of Virginia Workers’ Compensation payments. 

The fourth rule is that even if you don’t own a computer, you can’t just apply for jobs in person. You’ll need to borrow someone else’s computer or use one at a library in order to apply for work online. 

The fifth rule is that if you do own a computer, it doesn’t mean you can only apply for jobs online. You must also apply for jobs in person. This can be tricky since many places of employment require job applications to be completed and submitted online. That’s why you should contact an injury compensation lawyer to help you through the process. 

The sixth rule is that you must look for a minimum of 5 jobs each week, despite how troubled the economy is nationwide or in your community. Don’t count on pointing to statistics that show how many workers are out of a job in Virginia. The unemployment rate doesn’t impact your Virginia Workers’ Compensation payments in any way. 

The seventh rule is that you can’t use the excuse that you don’t have adequate work skills or you’ve already been searching for months. Even if you have high hopes to return to work after an injury at the same place you were previously employed, you’re still required to search for employment. 

Your attorney is the best bet to help you understand how your work skills will impact the strength of the claim.  

The eighth rule is that you must be relentless in your pursuit of a job. Even when you want to give up, remember that the safety of your Virginia Workers’ Compensation case requires you to always keep looking. This can be very frustrating, certainly, but in the end, your claim is best served by your ability to stick to it. 

The ninth rule is that you can’t avoid applying to certain jobs because you don’t see any listed that pay high enough salaries. Even if you only see listings for jobs that pay less than what you are used to making, you must continue to look for employment. 

The tenth rule is that you should strongly consider seeking help from a Virginia work injury compensation lawyer. The requirement to return to work after an injury can seem like an overwhelming task. This is especially true in our difficult economy. However if you want to protect your rights, then you will need to comply. A Virginia work injury compensation lawyer can help with every aspect of your claim for Virginia Workers’ Compensation. 

Contact a Virginia Work Injury Compensation Lawyer 

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