Should I talk to my physician about my work restrictions?

Put briefly, you should always speak to your doctor about work restrictions, if it’s at all possible. You should inquire with your doctor about his or her opinion on your ability to return to work with restrictions, what those restrictions should be, what your functional capacity is for sustained labor, and anything else that might be in relevant to your ability to work. 

Speak with attorneys in Richmond who will ensure the regulations of the Virginia Workers Compensation Commission are followed. 

It’s important that you get these opinions from your doctor before he hands them off to your insurance company, as many times, a nurse case manager may attempt to unjustly influence your doctor’s opinion at the time that it’s submitted.  

In this way, if you address the issue before your nurse case manager attempts to, you’ll at least have the chance to give the doctor your perspective and emphasize the pains and limitations that you’re still experiencing. 

When you speak with your treating physician, mention each of the body parts that were injured. In many cases, an insurance adjuster will try to deny compensation for a body part that’s not mentioned in the first appointment, and it’s useful to reiterate each of the injured body parts in the rest of your appointments. 

For instance, if you have a neck pain that’s so severe that it makes your shoulder pains seem unimportant, remember to mention both.  

Before you leave your doctor’s office, remember to get a disability slip. As in many other states, in Virginia, the Workers’ Compensation insurance carrier will not pay your weekly check unless they have a copy of your disability slip. Speak with a lawyer in Richmond, Virginia who can help you from front to finish, from your claim form to your work comp settlement

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