It’s important to us not just to be the best lawyers that we can be but also to help our community be the best that it can be. We support local programs in lots of ways. Many times it is helping the every day person who may just need a little helpful advice.

Here are a few of our favorite programs that we are involved in to help our community be stronger.

Community Brain Injury Services –

Their vision is for every survivor of a brain injury to have the opportunity to realize a life of purpose and self-determined value. Their mission is to empower survivors of a brain injury to regain independence through innovative outcomes-based services. These folks also just so happen to be our neighbors in our office complex. They truly have such an impact on the brain injured community.

Lifting The Silence is a silent auction and cocktail reception organized by Community Brain Injury Services.  Last year this organization raised $46,000 to help pay for the care and treatment of over 200 brain injury survivors.  Injured Workers’ Law Firm has been involved with this event for the past six years and are very proud to be a Silver sponsor.

Every October, we are one of the sponsors for their BBQ cook-out which benefits The Mill House and offer services to survivors of brain injuries. We proudly donate to this fundraiser every year and we also provide lunch for everyone here at our office. It’s a great way for our team to enjoy some delicious BBQ and help our community!

Kids’ Chance of Virginia –

Kids’ Chance believes that we can make a significant difference in the lives of all children affected by their parent’s work place injury by helping them pursue and achieve their educational goals. Kids’ Chance of Virginia (KCVA) provides post-secondary and trade school scholarships to the children of injured Virginia workers who have been severely or fatally injured in a work place accident.

Michele Lewane is the co-founder of Kid’s Chance of Virginia, which she started in 2011. Michele is Vice President of the Board of Directors.

Richmond Symphony

For the last four years the Injured Workers’ Law Firm has donated to support the Richmond Symphony. We believe the arts are important to our community and we want to help to enrich the lives of those around us.

Local Schools and Sports

For several years Injured Workers’ Law Firm has supported the Tuckahoe Baseball Team and other school events in the Central Virginia area. Recently, a team member was at a baseball practice where a young man had lost his baseball glove and could not afford a new one. Injured Workers’ Law Firm along with Disco Sports came together to get this young man a new glove and make sure he was able to participate this season.

Chesterfield Technical Center

For the last five years, Injured Workers’ Law Firm has taken in several high-school-age interns. Our “Legal Beagles” as we call them, get to come into our office and be part of the team in order to gain some real world experience working in a busy law practice. We love to help these young people explore their interests and get some hands-on experience while they are working towards their credits for graduation.

Virginia Nurses Association and Virginia Nurses Foundation –

Injured Workers Law Firm is a supporter of the Virginia Nurses’ Association. At the 2015 Virginia Nurse’s Foundation Fall Gala, Injured Workers Law Firm donated an Apple watch, the proceeds of which benefited the Virginia Nurse’s Foundation. VNA is the professional organization representing the interests of more than 100,000 registered nurses in the Commonwealth of Virginia and by which the Virginia Nurse’s Foundation was founded.